title:Projects and Updates title: Projects and Updates


February 7, 2001--I won't be updating the Tripod site any more; check for updates at the new site, obliviousgirl.net.
January 30, 2001--Matendou Sonata 20. That's the last volume. January 28, 2001--Matendou Sonata 19. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion ^_^
January 21, 2001--Matendou Sonata 18.
January 18, 2001--Matendou Sonata 17.
January 14, 2001--Matendou Sonata 16. Oh, and if you were paying attention you may have noticed that my 2001 dates were marked "2000." Emily no baka.
January 12, 2001--Matendou Sonata 15.
January 9, 2001--Matendou Sonata 14.
January 6, 2001--Matendou Sonata 13.
January 3, 2001--Chapter 4 of "Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou," from volume 2. More Matendou Sonata soon.
December 16, 2000--"Matendou Sonata" #12. That was quick.
December 14, 2000--Devotion? Psychosis? Mere procrastination of studying? You decide. Either way, "Matendou Sonata" #11 is up in a record time of 4 days!
December 9, 2000--I just picked up the last half of "Matendou Sonata" as well as a whole bunch of other manga--"Tokimeki Tonight," "Poe no Ichizoku" and "Tooma no Shinzou" by Hagio Moto, "Akachan to Boku," "Doubutsu no Oisha-san," "Tsuki no Ko," and others. Some of these will be translated eventually.


Kodomo no Omocha--Completed.
Matendou Sonata--Completed.
Rose of Versailles--I still fully intend to finish translating this...I'm near the middle of volume 3 (90th page of 192).
Kaze to Ki no Uta--I might start working on this again.
Penguin Brothers--Not so much a project as something to do when my other translations get too stressful. I might do another chapter or two eventually. Same goes for Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou, by the way.
Bronze--On hold; I don't have any more volumes to translate. I did pick up a few more volumes of Zetsuai, but I'm not sure whether or not I want to translate them.

Updates may be coming a little less frequently than before, because I have a number of more pressing obligations.

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