CLAMP, Clover (2 vols. of 4)


Suu is a '4-leaf clover,' a girl with magical powers, sold to the government by her mother and raised in solitude.  Kazuhiko is sent to take her from her 'home' there and protect her from the Azurite army, which seeks to harness her powers with evil intentions.  Meanwhile, Suu seems to have some connection with Kazuhiko's dead girlfriend, a famous singer.  A very appealing near-future science fiction series.  The art is minimalistic, and I love the way the song lyrics are worked into the pages.  The plot isn't the point of the series, really; the heart of the manga is in the dialogues between Suu and Kazuhiko, where much is said and far more remains unsaid.  The writing and the artwork work together to evoke an atmosphere of wistful loneliness.  Kudos to CLAMP, incidentally, for the wonderful English translation of the song, which they had enough sense to hire a professional to do.