Character Profile | Fillanzea "Filla" Lanshua

Hair: Gold
Eyes: As green as new leaves
Age: 21 by the end of volume 10
Birthday: October 10 (Libra)
Blood type: O
Height: 6'1"

Filla didn't have much support in his decision to be a demon; because both of his parents were angels, and since he seemed "light" in exactly the same way that Micael seemed "dark," his classmates thought that he was better suited to being an angel. But, because he was fascinated with Satan, he ignored the opposition and became a demon.

Filla met Micael at school, and it was…fascination, at least, at first sight. He wouldn't admit to being in love with him right away (after all, they were still really young), but eventually, he did. Many, many times. He does act like a pervert sometimes, but he's also a really sweet guy. He just wants Micael to be happy.

Filla has a very optimistic and outgoing personality. He did really badly in school, failing nearly all of his exams, but he has a personal charisma that pretty much makes up for it.